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    New Study: AP Best Practices that Optimize Working Capital

    Amy Wagman Journeyman
      There’s much more to accounts payable automation than eliminating paper and invoice errors and lowering processing costs. With the right approach, how you process your invoices and pay your bills can dramatically improve working capital performance.
    • APQC, the leading source for best practices and performance benchmarks, has completed a financial management study "Working Capital Management: New Strategies for Maintaining Financial Strength through Economic Cycles" that examines the strategies that organizations like yours are taking to improve working capital performance. Download a copy.

      APQC surveyed 355 senior finance executives and conducted in-depth interviews with 9 CFOs to arrive at 3 key findings:

      1. Companies are pushing for greater cash efficiency because can be a key strategic advantage
      2. Removing paper bottlenecks is key to controlling cash flow
      3. CFOs will be evaluating the financial health of their suppliers to mitigate risk.


      To learn more about how these finance executives are launching new strategies to strengthen their working capital - check out the report.