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    Using the Grading Option in an RFP

    Susan Sheftick Newbie

      This is the first time I am using this site. I am interested in finding out how others are using this option.  In the past, we created our own spreadsheets with team members rating individual features manually.  We are just implementing Ariba and were hoping to get some feedback on how effectively others are using this feature.



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          David Morel Master



          The first thing is to make sure you understand the basics of using the Scoring and Grading.  The documentation details how you go about setting up an event.  Here are some highlights:

          • You establish weights for Sections and then set the relative importance of the content to be scored/graded
          • Questions that can be graded by the system are setup by selecting Yes for pre-grading and then establishing the settings to auto-score those questions
          • You assign Graders to the Team as Team Graders. You can also add graders directly to the Grading Task as "External Graders", these are graders that are not apart of the team and via settings in the event can have the participants names hidden from them.
          • When the event moves to Pending Selection, the graders will be notified that they need to grade the event.
          • After all the graders have graded, the buyer/owner of the event can adjust the grades via the Consensus Grading capabilities.


          There are users on here that are using the functionality on a regular basis and they might have ideas/tips to help navigate the change management issues and to best deal with limitations to the functionality.

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              Stephanie Hatchett Newbie

              Hi Susan,


              In Indirect Procurement we stress the grading/scoring option as a way to objectify very subjective itmes/services. Our teams focus on defining deal breakers (usually 1-7 key aspects of a project) whch are then weighted extremely heavily. We go through each section and define the importance of each question. The key stakeholder is the primary person in determining the importance of a question. As a specialist, I do some math and then make sure that everything is weighted to match key stakeholders values. We have had much success with this method, it forces all team members to analyze and think about how they want suppliers to answer and better yet what requirements are necessary for the project. The length of our scoring process depends on the stakeholder as well as the length of the RFx. I have seen scoring done well in as little as a 30 min meeting nonetheless, I have also sat through long meetings where grading/scoring was the basis of the decsion making process and took up to 4 days. Either way, I definately recommend using the Grading Option in an RFx. If nothing else, it helps define what you're asking and why.