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    Search filters 8.2.2 SP27

    Bon Arienda Newbie



      Can I ask about the difference of "Supplier (any line item)" and "Supplier Search" in the search filters? From what I understand, "Supplier (any line item)" searches for orders with line item that has a supplier specified in the search filter.

      I am wondering why I cannot see some suppliers using "Supplier (any line item)" search filter whereas these suppliers are visible in "Supplier Search" filter. I mean searching for the specific supplier in "Supplier (any line item)" search filter (this refers to the chooser field result) shows "No Match" but if I will search it using "Supplier Search", it is visible.


      May I ask for your generous help to give some explanation or reference about this?

      Any help for further progress or clarification are much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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          Walter Metrich Expert

          Can you provide more information about where you are using that search filter?   A screen should would be nice.  Thanks,  -wm

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              Beth Bigger Journeyman

              Hi Bon,


              As Walter stated, a screenshot would be helpful.  In the meantime, one possibility is that the supplier search (assuming the navigation path is: Core Administration to Supplier) gives a list of all common suppliers whereas the one that you select in a requisition search is a supplier location. If there is a supplier that does not have a related supplier location, it will not be included in the supplier search results done at the requisition level.

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