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    Name Change

    Charul Agarwal Newbie

      I am new to Ariba and am trying to find how to do company name changes.  I want to be able to search on both company names to find Contracts.  I tried changing the Supplier name, but then I loose the original company name?  

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          Sybil Sheppard Master



          I've asked this question to Ariba's Help Desk on many occasions...I'm not sure I'm totally comfortable with the answers I've received, but maybe one of them will help you!


          • Create a parent/child relationship between the original record and the new record.  Ariba has told me that with this link in place, a search on one will return both, and same with reporting.
          • Change the name in the original profile (which they say will also change the name in any workspaces associated with the supplier, but I haven't confirmed this so you may want to test it first!), and place the old name in the AKA section of the supplier questionnaire, as reference. 
          • Change the name in the original profile with a reference to the old name, for example:  DataShare (formerly CompuShare).


          Hope that helps!

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              April Miller Apprentice

              Sybil's responses provides you with good options to make this change.  When doing so, I just want to add that you should consider the reason for the name change.  I would only use the parent /child relationship option if this were truly the case.  If the name was entered incorrectly or the company has officially changed their name, follow one of the other two options to update the existing record. I favor the third choice to ensure you can search on either name, but remember that this name is visible to the participant so you may get some push back from the supplier if they don't care for the (formerly company X) format.

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                  Sharon Horton, PMP Master

                  I also prefer the third option, but with a slight variation.  The third option was to change the name in the new profile with a reference to the old name, for example:  DataShare (formerly CompuShare).  My preference would be to change the name in the former profile.  For example, CompuShare (now use DataShare).  One caution you should take, however, if you are using Assembled Docs:  make sure all docs are Finalized (whether this is a manual step or by using "Auto Finalize on Publish") otherwise, the name change may be pushed to an Assembled Document during amendments (not good!)

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                Gunilla Svensson Novice



                Agree that the functionality for name change as well as acquisitions is not good enough. Hoping for enhancments in the future. Just wanted to tell you one additional thing what we do. We have a custom field in the Contract Workspaces for "original party", which field we enter from the beginning and then never change. Thus, even if the supplier/customer changes name, we can still search for the old name in this field. Note however that this is a free text field, with risk for misspelling etc.