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    Share & Learn: Opportunity to discuss use of Ariba (CD release customers only)

    Jaclyn Prince Apprentice



      HP Direct Procurement (DP) is looking to benchmark utilization of Ariba modules with current CD customers of Ariba.  To aide our benchmarking efforts, we thought it may be useful to meet/discuss with current Ariba customers, like yours on their experience with Ariba end-to end and to share learnings on the approach/engagement with Ariba during the implementation.  We are interested in any learnings or pitfalls.


      Would you be open to dialogue with HP to share learnings and your experience?   Topics of interest to HP include:

      • Engagement model,
      • Rollout,
      • Training,
      • Deployed modules such as Spend visibility/management, Supplier performance management , eSourcing/Auction module, Contracts (Clause libraries/archive only), other app/integration/quality


      Of course if there any additional topics you are interested in, we'd be happy to expand the discussion. 


      We very much would appreciate your interest in working with HP.  Please contact Jaclyn Prince at jaclyn.prince@hp.comif this is something you are interested in working with HP on.


      Thank in advance,