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    Sourcing Coffee

    Ryan Walicki Novice

      We just sourced coffee for the enterprise - looking for some info on how your company pays for coffee - be it centrally through budget, decentrally or "on your own".


      We see validity in both approaches (company paid for as an engagement tool/perk) and 'on your own' - less costly of course.  Any feedback on how your company does it today and any lessons learned would be appreciated.


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          Sybil Sheppard Master

          Our coffee is considered a "common good" like furniture, so it's centralized and paid at the corporate level.  We have 82 coffee stations across 100+ acres, so we negotiated with the folks who also provide the food,etc. for our cafeteria to get a better price.  We pay on a cost plus arangement, so monthly bills vary based on onsite inventory and use.  The price includes tea, napkins and all the other accoutrements.

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            Russ Stebbins Master

            We go both ways.  It depends on the facility and whether the operation is client facing (yes) or not (less likely).  I think it is a reflection on our tradition of facilities org being location independent.  It is a culture we are slowly changing and I can't say for sure if the coffee will be in or out.