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    Have you seen this issue before?  MigrateMetadata fails

    Michael Zavertnik Apprentice

      Good Morning,


      We have been stumped by the following error log when running the 9R1 Upgrade Task Harness.  Ariba Engineering is currently working through recreating the issue, but I thought I would throw it out to the larger group to see if anyone has come across this issue (or one similar).  Any ideas/insights you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,

      Mike Z 


      Detailed Description of the Issue:

      When running the "MigrateMetadata" task we receive the following error:

      Fri Aug 13 15:36:20 EDT 2010 () (util:WARN) [ID2886]: ServerThread.run() caught an exception while running ariba.base.migration.server.SimpleMigrator.

      ariba.util.core.FatalAssertionException: Old column v2_MASRLineItemTab.pd_Description for field path v2_MASRLineItemTab.ariba.contract.core.CSRLineItem(var1)Description.Description and column v2_MASRLineItemTab.masrli_Descriptio170569876 exists

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          Ian Roberts Journeyman

          I would start by doing a describe on the database table v2_MASRLineItemTab directly to see what columns are defined.  The task sees database level fields / tables that have built up historically through the various versions of Ariba and various customizations even if they are not used anymore within the application or visible.  You may be able to see what data is stored in those fields.  I would also compare to another instance of Ariba to see if one of the columns is not needed and can be dropped.................but I would make sure I have a backup of the DB beforehand.

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            Akshay Pole Journeyman

            Hi Mike,


            This happens when duplicate columns exits in the migratemetadatatab.


            You can run the attached query to find out all such occurrences:


            select distinct m1.tablename, m1.columnname, m1.parenttablename, m1.parentcolumnname, m1.fieldname

            from metalayouttab m1,

                (select count(*), fieldname, tablename, parentcolumnname

                 from MetaLayoutTab where  fieldname is not null

                 group by fieldname, tablename, parentcolumnname

                 having count(*)>1) m2

            where m1.fieldname = m2.fieldname

            and   m1.tablename = m2.tablename

            and   nvl(m1.parentcolumnname,' ') = nvl(m2.parentcolumnname,' ')

            order by m1.tablename, m1.columnname


            Once you figure out all the duplicates then you have to manually go into those tables to check which column is obsolete by checking for null data and have to delete them from the migratemetadatatab.


            Let me know in case you have any further queries.