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    Grading your RFx

    Sybil Sheppard Master

      We seem to be having trouble with saving the grading on our RFx's.  Hours of work are being lost regularly.  Can you save your work as you go?  And/or, can you perform your grading in Excel (or other format) and upload the information to Ariba?

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          David Morel Master

          Yes, you can save your grading.  At the top of the page is a button labelled "Save as Draft".  Currently, you can't do offline grading, but it was one of the Top 10 Features that came out of the 2011 Prioritization Survey we conducted last month, so there is a chance for it in 10s3.  Check out the results here:




          David Morel

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              Sybil Sheppard Master

              Hi David,


              Sorry to bother you, but I received this response from the Ariba Help desk on the same issue...(I opened the ticket the same time I asked in Exchange).  So, now I'm confused.  Is what Mathieu's describing below different functionality than what you've indicated will be coming in a future release?


              It is indeed possible to grade the suppliers'

              responses in Excel and then import that file to the event. For this you

              need to go to the Award tab, click on the Award button and then you will

              be able to export to Excel. Once exported, you can edit and grade the

              responses in Excel before reimporting the Excel sheet to update the

              grades in the event.

              Please get back to me if you have any questions or concerns.

              Thank you and have a nice day.

              Mathieu Guillemin.

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              April Miller Apprentice

              Hi Sybil,


              As David mentioned you can save your work.  Another option to work offline would be to export the questions and terms Report - or pull an export to excel right from your grading screen.  As David noted there is not yet an option to work offline and upload your grades as you were hoping.  However, you could pull the export and record grades in that file.  That way you can print out the information and prepare your grades offline.  When you log in, you will need to manually enter the grades, but at least it will be done in one session to enter and submit so you can be sure not to lose work.


              Best regards,



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