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    Procurement reference data (Commodity Codes)

    Chris Glover Novice

      Does anyone want to share their companies strategy and approaches to procurement reference data (Commodity Codes)?

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          Ken Miklos Master

          Hi, Chris. I see you submitted this post some time ago with no response.

          As a former Spend Visibility project manager myself, I can tell you that although Ariba classifies our customers' spend to UNSPSC given it's broad coverage, due to the fact that UNSPSC does a poor job of rollups from a sourcing perspective, many of our customers use a revised version or custom taxonomy in performing their spend analysis.


          What was the use case for your question? Have you found a workable solution since?



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              Chris Glover Novice

              Hi Ken,

              Thanks for your response; as I had not had any responses, I was wondering if the subject was too dry for people.

              The reason for the post was HP adopted a hybrid; part UNSPSC code part customised, model. However due to various reason our commodity code data set is not optimal from a sourcing, spend and risk management perspectives. Also in a self service environment, usability is a real challenge and the misclassification is at an unacceptable level.

              We are therefore planning a project for next year to look at our procurement master data from a systemic perspective. We thought this would be an industry wide challenge and wondered if an optimal model already existed; although we believe not. Or if there was enough interest out there to get together and share experience or even work together to jointly develop an optimal procurement master data solution.