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    Discovery as part of sourcing process

    Chad Wise Ariba Employee

      I am a frequent user of Ariba Discovery; I've consistently achieved great results with this tool, and have awarded business to multiple suppliers that I've located with Ariba Discovery, for quite a few different commodities & clients. 


      On that note, I would suggest building Ariba Discovery postings as part of your sourcing process.  This can be a simple step in your 7 step sourcing process, but the point is that your purchasing team needs to know the Discovery option is available, and that it's incredibly easy to use.  I have never had a poor result from a Discovery posting, and it only takes at most 10 minutes to identify potential suppliers. 


      I recommend putting up a posting as soon as you have your requirements determined, and write your post so that it has the key details & important spend, IE "A leading X company is actively seeking suppliers that can supply approximately $X worth of widgets per year.  Potential suppliers must be based in X, be X certified, and be able to meet X delivery lead time.  If you are interested, please submit your response with a brief explanation/presentation regarding your capabilities, to be considered in a future RFI/RFP." 


      If you do this 2-4 weeks before you are ready to publish your event, identifying suppliers will be one less than you need to do come publication time.  Once it's built as an integrated part of your process, it's one less thing your team will forget.

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          Shane Nappenbach Ariba Contributor

          In addition to Chad's helpful information, please see below for some helpful tips on creating quality Ariba Discovery postings:


          Ariba Discovery - Best Practices

          Buyer Postings


          Postings that are clear in articulating what a buyer needs, when it is needed, what information the buyer would like the supplier to provide in a response, and also what the next steps in the process are, will not only have a higher response rate, but also ultimately lead to better responses that allow the buyer to work more efficiently.

          Poor Posting:
          “We are looking for a widgets supplier. Please provide details on your capabilities.”

          Good Posting:


          “We seek an ISO 9001 certified supplier of widgets. We have 3 different sets of widget specifications, all available as attachments to this posting. Your widgets should meet the XYZ industry standard tolerance.


          A qualified supplier will have at least 5 years of experience in the export of widgets to Europe. Our annual volume will be between 50-100k units. It would be ideal if the supplier had spray coating capabilities as well.


          Please respond with your experience in the export of widgets, as well as the volume you have produced in each of the past 3 fiscal years.


          We seek to take this opportunity to auction in the next month, and plan to make a shortlist of qualified suppliers within 1 week of the close of this posting.”