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    Fuzzy Search, Stemming, and Soundex for Ariba 9r1 upgrade

    Neha Jain Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I wanted to get some more information on the Fuzzy Search, Stemming, and Soundex.

      1. How is fuzzy search different than Stemming? If i type in a pen - would it also find a pencil in the search?

      2. Stemming? - Is it only relevant to singular and plurals?

      3. Soundex - it is a 3rd party software - but does it come with Ariba 9r1 upgrade or do we need to purchase that separately during the 9r1 implementation? Also is it related to JAWS? or is it a simple algorigthm which is used for searching instead of anything audible?


      Thanks for your response in advance, and i would really appreciate if you can give me some examples.