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    Ariba shows that budget was exceeded when it was not - how to solve?

    alwaysme Novice

      Hi all,

      I would like to kindly ask for your help regarding a problem with creating POs in Ariba Buyer which I have recently noticed.

      We use Prosper to create projects, then Ariba to create purchase orders and then SAP to book invoices and keep track of the payments.

      We have several projects in Prosper which then I use in Ariba when creating POs. I can check the budgets for all projects both in Prosper and in SAP - it shows me a YTD usage of budgets and also budget left for YTG period. For all my projects both SAP and Prosper show we still have money but when my manager tries to approve PO's in Ariba, the communicate that "Budget was exceeded " is shown. I've already tried to solve that problem - and for example changed the distribution of money in projects. I have moved all money for the earlier periods - so the YTD budget is equal to 2010 budget (somebody advised me that this might help as SAP checks only YTD budget) bud it didn't help.

      If anybody has an idea what can be wrong and why this happens, I would be more than grateful for help and advise.

      thanks and regards