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    What was your cutover strategy?

    Charles Heishman Newbie



      We are planning our cutover strategy from our existing procurement solution to Ariba hosted P2P. One of the questions we face is how best to handle outstanding, in-transit activities. For instance, PO's that were issued and/or partially received under the old system that will now be received, invoiced and paid for in Ariba P2P. Should we close the remaining PO's and reopen them in P2P, maintain both systems until the old orders are grandfathered out, etc?


      I would love to hear some of the solutions you have used as well as some hindsight lessons learned that will prevent us from stumbling more than we have to.



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          Our cut-over strategy was to close the remaining PO's in the old system and reopen them in P2P.  This strategy was successful for us, but I consider our procurement environment non-complex (low volume, no central receiving).  This method can also be implemented as a rollling cutover, where documents can be recreated as needed (high priority items addressed first) rather than using a big bang approach requiring all documents to exist at go live.


          Clearly, your individual environment and volume of transactions will be key decision factors in the path you choose.  However, I would caution against maintaining 2 systems, as this could ultimately lead to confusion for end users and issues with reconciling the systems.

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            Russ Stebbins Master

            When we made the cutover, the old procurement solution was deactivated.  Our solution was to import the open PO as requisitions (bulk load). We did not turn approval rules on until after the bulk load so no approval were required.


            Number one issue was determining what was still open and what was remaining to invoice.  Turned up a lot of creeping crawly things under those rocks.  We did include what we found (very poor controls and compliance) with our after action report to support the justification to move to Ariba.


            Number two is deciding your cut off dates and what you do with invoices between cutoff and go-live.


            Number three was losing all the history associated with the old PO.  In our case we concluded that it was not a loss to start fresh.


            We did discover a fair number of bugs in the Req import but those are supposed to have been resolved.  We did our cut-over on 10s1 before SP1.  I would test your process with rigor.


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