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    Contract Management Training?

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      I am a new user on the Ariba CM system, and we are starting to create an in-house training guide for our users. Has anyone developed a training for users that you are willing to share? We are aware of the various offerings from Ariba but are looking for something along the lines of a quick guide for users.




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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          Hey Sara,


          First, welcome to the wonderful world of Ariba Contracts! As you've seen, Ariba has a whole bunch of guides, but most of them are pretty lengthy and very generic. A proper quick reference guide (like you're looking for) is usually heavily tailored to the particular process you use. It'll have screenshots based on your templates and tasks.


          I don't have any handy for Contracts (perhaps somebody else does?), but here's a few suggestions on a useful format:


          • Start with a Word file and create a four- or six-panel per page layout.
          • Rather than try to cram "How to use Ariba" in one document, break it up into multiple documents. You might have several one- or two-page guides with titles like, "Setting up your Dashboard and User Preferences," "Creating a new Contract," "Working with Tasks and Documents," "Working with the Main Agreement," "Reviewing and Approving Documents," etc.
          • Use screenshots, but use a tool that allows you to crop your screenshots. If you use the full window every time, it'll be too small for folks to easily read. Snag-it works great for this, but personally, I just do Alt+Print Screen and crop/resize in Microsoft Paint.


          The idea here is to create task-based guides that users can print out and have at an arm's reach if they need them.


          I'm sure there's plenty of other opinions on this topic.

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