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    Performance issues in 9r1?

    Elizabeth Lettie Expert

      Hi All,

      We upgraded from Buyer 8.2 to 9r1 over the weekend and have been experiencing significant performance degradation. We are currently working with Ariba Connect on the issue, but I was wondering if any other installations have experienced the same?

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          bensminger Journeyman

          We are scheduled to go-live 11/8. Upgrading from 8.2.2 to 9r1. We have seen some performance issues during QA testing but we seem to have overcome the issues. Performance tests indicated the bulk of delays for us were in dashboard searches. Windows Server 2003 64-bit with SQL 2005.

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            David Heller Expert

            We upgraded in November 2009. Performance issues started becoming apparent in Feb/Mar. We spent several weeks working with Ariba and through a combination of database tuning and moving up to SP10, performance has materially improved.

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              Michael Cusack Expert

              We have also experienced performance issues in various forms since going live at the end of August on 9r1.  Much of it has come down to database tuning/settings, but we are still experiencing issues with reports and searches in Buyer that used to work fine but no longer run in a timely manner.  We are still working on those as we speak trying to figure out how to make things run faster.



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                Tifa Wong Newbie

                We have performed Ariba OS and DB upgrade. Ariba OS upgraded from Window 2003 to Window 2008 R2 and DB v9.1 upgraded to DB v9.7.

                We have experienced performances issues now after the Ariba OS and DB2 upgrade. User unable to perform the daily activities like raise PR, approve PR or search PR/PO/RC. The system will keep loading in progress and hang. Additionally, it takes about 5-10 mins to search or load PR/PO/RC.

                We has been restart the nodes and check all the possibilities of the root caused of the performances issues. We are working on several action and figure out on how to make the system run faster.

                Appreciate anyone can help on this issues . Thanks.