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    Supplier Profile Questionnaire - SUPPLIED & APPROVED commodities

    Erwin Storms Journeyman

      Recently, we have launched an activity related to self registration in which we ask suppliers to enter information in the so called 'Profile Questionnaire'.


      Now, one of the questions is to enter "commodities supplied". Those will be evaluated by the buyer team(s). If found ok, one would expect that it's easily transferred into 'approved commodities' by a simple selection of check box(es).... unfortunately: not so. It takes a lot of manual steps to develop a list of 'approved commodities' for a supplier. Imagine having to do it for the entire supplier base (?!)
      This is very unfortunate as we would have hoped to use the 'approved commodities' as basis to search on whenever we want to invite suppliers for (quick) projects.


      Would appreciate to get some good information on this matter. How can we implement supplier management on an intelligent way, by making optimal use of the profile questionnaire?