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    Difference Between Approvers and Project Groups????

    Sean Smith Newbie

      WIth the new 10s2 release, can someone  explain to me the difference between creating an Approval Task and adding a Project Group in the Approval Task as opposed to adding "Aprrovers" to the Task.  Is the only difference that adding an "Approver" gives you the option of just adding a single person and adding the Project Group doesn't?


      Just curious.



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          acinil Expert

          If the task is sent for approval to the Project Group is sufficient for one person belonging to that group to approve that task to change status to Approved.


          Also, with Project Group, you can control who can be added as an approver for that task to a select number of people by making the Project Group not editable by Project Owner.


          I am sure there are a few other consideration that other members might want to add.

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              dreid Journeyman

              Agreed.  Project Groups are kinda like Local Variables.  They are really good for making sure you don't "hardcode" to a single person.  For example, in a template, if you set up a PERSON as an approver, that means you need to make a new version of the template to change that person.  But if you use a Project Group (populated with a Global Group), you can modify that setup "remotely" (Admin).