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    Error 58995483184

    Cheryl Hertzog Novice

      Has anyone encountered error 58995483184 where the Ariba system essentially kicks you out of your site and references this error?.  The error tells me to contact my system administrator....which is me.

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          Karen Sherrill Novice

          I have encounter the problem several times (not sure if it was that specific error#).  I would recommend contacting the Ariba Help Desk with the problem number.  They will walk you thru the process to see if you can replicate how the error message was generated.  If I could replicate the problem, they were able to fix.

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            Kimberly Bratton Newbie

            I am also the admin. I get this error at least once a week. Last week, it happened 3 or 4 times while I was doing invoice reconciliations. The help desk hasn't been able to tell me why this occurs. When it happens, I log back in and keep on going.