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    Contract notifications coming with 10s2

    Robert Bauer Journeyman
      Hello All,
      I'd like to understand how you think about the changes in notifications sent by contract workspaces that came with release 10s2.
      According to our experience Contract Workspaces do now send notifications to ALL team members rather than sending notifications to members of the project owner group (and members with similar rights) only as it was with 10s1.
      Having created a template structure with project groups for pure view access and other groups for editing rights this change spoils the well-thought process as users more or less get spammed every day and start to ignore messages coming from the system.
      Customer Service so far recommended to ask every user to disable notifications in their preferences as there seems to be no template level setting to go back to 10s1 setup. Of course this is not to be considered a solution - at least not for us.
      Looking forward to you for your feedback.