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    Is the meaning of 'event' always clear to your suppliers??

    Erwin Storms Journeyman



      Here in Europe, we frequently face the issue that our suppliers are not always acting on a system generated email to invite them to access an event. We have the feeling (based on some comments back from the market) that the suppliers believe the mail is marketing/sales inspired and that it has to do with a gathering type 'event' instead of an RFI/FRP/auction.


      Do you have problems with suppliers understanding 'event' as a marketing/sales type of activity instead of RFI/RFP/auction?

      If so, any suggestions to overcome this?


      kind regards, Erwin Storms

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          Andrew Gill Master

          Dear Erwin


          At Reed Elsevier, we've found the same problem and have some fixed / workarounds for it using Ariba's Sourcing Pro


          • Insist the Sourcing Lead talks by telephone to each supplier taking part, letting them know this is an online project and checking we have the right name, email address and phone number and that they'll be in the office on the day we release the RFx.
          • Have the Sourcing Lead send a 'warm up' email using their regular email 24 hours before the release to let suppliers know they they should have an email invite within 24 hours, and the phone number to call (Ariba helpline) and the document number to quote if they don't receive that email.
          • Have the Sourcing Lead check at publish +24 and +48 hours that all suppliers have logged in and confirmed they intend to participate, ifnot, phone them
          • Reworded the standard emails to make the language clearer and simpler, with more Plain English
          • Asked suppliers to add ariba.com and ansmtp.ariba.com to acceptable email lists on your mail server.


          I'm happy to share these, just drop me a line at andrew.gill@reedelsevier.com






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