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    Multiple pricing models in a single lot

    Chen Ashkenazi Newbie

      I have the following situation, which I can't find a way to model in Sourcing Basic:

      I request bid for LCD screens. Each supplier may offer different models (i.e. Dell, Lenovo). I want the supplier to submit bids for each model seperately (as if they are different suppliers), in the same lot.  This means the supplier competes with himself on several models. By the way, the reason for that is that I don't know the mix of models (and suppliers) I will buy eventually and want flexibility.


      The only solution I found is that a supplier will login with multiple usernames, but this is very problematic to do (different computers, different people bidding).


      Is there a solution for this scenario?

      This scenraio fits all situations where suppliers have different solutions/configurations and you want him to submit them all.




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          David Morel Master

          Do you know which models you are willing to accept and which diplomats can provide those? If not, I think you should run a rfp first to narrow down the possibilities. Then you can run an auction with a line item for each different model you are willing to accept.

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            Andrew Gill Master

            Hi Chen


            How would it be if you asked suppliers to bid on a monitor that meets or exceeds your minimum spec and maybe invite bids on different specs i.e. lot 1 is a 17" monitor, lot 2 is a 19" etc ?


            So building an RFx that lists your Minimum Equipment Level / Minimum Spec and it may include items like


            • Type
            • Size
            • Resolution
            • Aspect ratio
            • Response time
            • Refresh rate
            • Minimum connection spec


              (I'm not a tech guy, so there may be more or less items to your spec you'd want to include)


              The suppliers could confirm if they meet or exceed your spec and confirm the spec details.  Asking if they meet or exceed will allow suppliers to demonstrate how they add extra value.


              You may want to include additional qualitative questions that deal with warranty and repair process too.



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                Cindy Gooch Apprentice

                I've just been asked to set up an auction in the manner that Chen described; supplier can provide more than one product that meet our requirements and we want them to bid with both options in a single line in the auction. We also want visibility to which product they are bidding on, so we came to the same conclusion of having multiple IDs for that supplier. 


                In our scenario, we have a set up like this:


                Supplier A - Product 1 - exceeds our requirement, cost is higher

                Supplier A - Product 2 - meets our requirement, cost is lower

                Supplier B - only 1 product - meets our requirement

                Supplier C - only 1 product - exceeds our requirement


                We suspect there may be a point where product1 from Supplier A becomes very competitive against the other suppliers products.  We also want the flexibility to select Supplier A-Product 2 if the pricing for that item leads to considerable savings. 


                Is anyone else structuring events in this way?  Any other options?  We do not want to compare two unique line items as only 1 of our suppliers has multiple products.