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    Customer needs help with Energy Procurement/Sourcing.

    Chris Ohl Journeyman

      Does anyone have experience working with energy procurement?


      I  have a customer that is looking at electrical / utility procurement and  is trying to get in contact with others that have some experience in  this area.


      Please let me know!

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          Florian Boehme Expert



          we have sourced energy many times and constantly have projects running.


          The main energies we are sourcing are listed in the order, where we have the most experience:

          • Electricity (also wholesales customers)
          • Gas
          • Fuel (Diesel, ..)
          • Oil (high/low sulphur, several grades, ..)

          Our partner we are involving sometimes has furthermore covered all energy-related procurement categories along with typical energy consulting related to use of energy and rationalization, etc. They have up to 40 years experience for the most senior people.


          I may share some thoughts related to the above energy categories and even offer a webex demonstrating some of our templates we have in Ariba Sourcing. We also have run Optimization for some projects.

          You must be aware however, that most of our projects have been in Europe.


          Regards, Florian