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    Travel & Expense Upgrade Question (9r1)

    Steve Seide Journeyman

      I am trying to help a customer who is going thru a 9r1 Upgrade and wants to hear from others on their experience as it relates to the Travel and Expense Module.


      I would like to learn more about change management challenges in upgrading from 8.2 to 9R1.
      What did their users like about the new solution?
      What did they find most challenging?
      Overall, did they think it was easier? Same questions but from their back-office auditors's perspectives?
      What type of training did they provide? Delta only first? Full blown to follow? Online, classroom, static guides?



      Thanks for your feedback

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          Craig Daugherty Apprentice

          I can give a few answers for you, so hopefully that helps a bit.


          Since the look and feel of T&E changed so much, the training department opted to do a full blown retraining class for it.  They strongly encouraged attending in person training classes, or interactive online webinar type classes, but provided a recording of a training session online. They also created hard copy guides for the users to take home.