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    Virtualisation Platform

    dmjamieson Novice

      Has anyone had experience regarding the use of virtualised platforms for Ariba

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          Jason Brown Master

          Can you add some more specificity to your scenario? Can you describe your proposed architecture you are looking to develop? Is the client on  a virtualized machine? Are the servers on virtualized machines?

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              dmjamieson Novice

              The web and application servers are planned for vitualised platforms whilst the database is on a shared physical server. Our previous testing of these environments has shown them to perform successfully for a time and the unexpectably to experience substantial performance degradation which was unable to be explained by platform administartors.

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                  Charlie Ross Apprentice

                  All our webservers for all instances are now virtualized wintel servers.  No issues at all.


                  App servers - key seems to be the memory and horsepower.  Properly sized, can work just fine.  We still have some physical and some virtual.  All Wintel.  On the virtual ones, we had one problem introduced by an unstable host for our VM; we moved the VM (while live) to another host and the problem went away.  Rebooted the first host and all was good.


                  For database, our production instances are still running on physical Unix servers, but we have very successfully run on a virtualized Sun "zone" in some of our development instances, and have developed confidence in this as well.


                  I've seen people try to cram too many VMs onto a physical host... virtualized servers cannot work magic.  You still need to have enough memory and CPU horsepower.  But properly engineered, VMs provide better resiliance against hardware failure as well as signfiicant cost savings.