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    Invoicing after 9r1 upgrade

    Elizabeth Lettie Expert

      We are running into some trouble with invoicing after our 9r1 upgrade. We have many suppliers that have a single ANID, but multiple supplier locations. This never presented a problem in 8.2, but now with 9r1, it is impacting invoicing. If the ANID on a location matches the ANID on other locations for the supplier, the location is left blank on the invoice. We have done multiple tests - leaving all of the ANID's blank, using the same ANID on all the locations, etc. and the only thing that works is populating the ANID only on the location that the order went to and leaving the ANID blank on the rest of the locations for that supplier. This is obviously a problem, since we do business with all of the supplier locations and can't keep switching around which location has the ANID populated.

      Has anyone else run into this problem with 9r1 invoicing? Is anyone else using the same ANID on all of a supplier's locations?