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    Unit of measure conversion

    Yelena Bermudez Newbie

      Does any of you have a situation where you have to receive the PO in a different UOM entered in the Requisition.  ?

      ARIBA does not handle UOM conversion and different UOM in the receipts.

      For example: you order in short tons, but when you receive (and invoice) the UOM should be square feet.

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          lpoudoulec Expert

          Dear Yelena


          I am a Technical Lead on the Downstream solutions. Does your question specifically concern the Procure-2-Pay solution ?


          If so, one of the options you have is to create a Changed Order, which will create a V2 of the Requisition and once it's approved a V2 of the Purchase Order. In the newly created Requisition (V2) you will be able to change the Unit of Measure of the Item you ordered.

          The Receipt will then be based on the new Unit of Measure that was chosen.


          To be able to change the Order, some parameters have to be turned on by the Ariba customer support. You can contact them if you feel this solution answers you need.


          Hope this helps.


          Best regards



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              Craig Daugherty Apprentice

              Would that potentially send a new PO or change order to the supplier?

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                  lpoudoulec Expert

                  Hi Craig,


                  I'm not sure I understand the question. In fact, in P2P, whenever you click on the "Change Order" button, a new version of the PR will be created and when approved, a new version of the PO will also be created and the supplier on the AN will see the old PO with status "Obsolete" and the new one with status "Changed".


                  Please note that not all changes that you make in a PO will generate a new PO on the AN. In fact, some changes are considered internal (example: Accounting information, or Title)


                  Hope that answers your question.