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    Sourcing Event - Questions Limitation

    Gretchen Harms Expert

      We seem to have bumped up against at limitation regarding the number of questions we can have in an event. We're trying to upload 700+ questions and it's telling us we can only have 500. Has anyone else run into this? How have you solved?

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          David Morel Master

          Yes, 500 questions are our limit.  Can I ask what kind of event you are running that you need to ask so many questions?    What some have done, depending upon the questions that need to be asked are as follows:  - General Supplier Questions, those not specific to this event are asked in the Supplier Profile Questionnaire. - If some questions are there to do a basic qualification of the suppliers, black and white comparisons, qualify or not qualify, they do those in a RFI and narrow down the supply base. For the other questions, the really important questions, the ones that will be used to shine the light on subtle differences,  they ask in the bidding event. - If the questions need to be asked for some other purpose besides evaluating suppliers in the bidding event, they ask those via excel and collect during the event.