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    Is anyone capturing serial numbers in Ariba?

    Gretchen Harms Expert

      We have two business units that would like us to capture serial numbers in Ariba...to be fed into two other systems: 1) Fixed Assets, 2) Equipment Tracking Database. We are using Auto-Receiving for anything under $1000 and manual receiving for over $1000. We'd like to hear how other people are doing this in our industry. Thanks.

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          Russ Stebbins Master

          Serial numbers in Ariba Receipts have always been an integration challenge.  I believe that they have improved the ability to extract that data in the 10s2 release but our business processes for asset management haven't been updated since 9s1.  At that time, we decided not to use Ariba as the source of truth for asset serial numbers. We have since outsourced our IT asset managment and will not be relooking at Ariba for assets.

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            Vergel dela Cruz Newbie

            In our system, users must enter a serial number if the item is identified as a serialized item.

            We then have a scheduled task program that exports the GR into a text file which is then

            fed into an SAP system for tracking and inventory.

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                Michael Cusack Expert

                We are capturing serial numbers for computer hardware, including laptops, servers, and some other commodities.  We use Ariba Invoice, receiving the majority of our invoices from suppliers via the ASN.  Suppliers provide the serial numbers in the cXML invoices they send to us.  If the commodity requires serial numbers, and we do not receive them for that line item, we generate an Invoice Exception.  The serial number values are loaded into extrinsic fields.  These serial numbers are eventually sent to our asset management system down stream along with invoice data.