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    2 Facts in a Report

    Andy Garlington Journeyman

      I'm a new user and am experimenting with some reporting functionality and would like to know if Ariba allows you to join two "Facts" in one report?  Currently I only see where you can select one fact and then select multiple fields from that fact.  Any help would be appreciated


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          dreid Journeyman


            This is a timely question, actually.  Currently, you can only report on one fact table at a time.  This restriction was historically due to complexities in reporting, queries, etc.  Anyway, over the past 2 years, Ariba has been investing heavily in what is called "Enhanced Multi-Fact Reporting" which will provide you what you seek.  This feature is scheduled to be released in our 11s1 release for Contract Management (and all On Demand Products).  You should see communications arriving soon about Early Access for the 11s1 release, as well as firmer dates for the release, but it is scheduled currently for the first half of 2011.


          Hope this helps!