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    9r1 Analysis

    Ian Roberts Journeyman

      Anybody out there running 9r1 Analysis just using the Presentation schema?  The Oracle data pump functionality is too intrusive for our shared DB environment and goes beyond what is allowed. The thought is we could just operate on one schema just as Analysis 3.x functions today.


      Also, has anybody messed around with integrating Buyer 9r1 with Analysis 3.x?


      Just curious as to the outcome and hoping to spark possible discussion.  Thanks in advance.

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          Frédéric Henri Expert

          Hi Ian,


          Are you finally working with only one schema ?

          I have a customer who is only doing sourcing/contract activity, thus I want to propose them to load directly data in Presentation schema.

          They do not even have csv file upload.

          For me the time to switch the schema in this case would anyway be as much time to run an incremental load on their presentation schema.


          I do not foresse issue for doing so but if you have some experience, could you share ?




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              Ian Roberts Journeyman

              Hi Fred,

              We are in fact operating with one schema.  My coworker has implemented this and received confirmation from Ariba that it would work but they would not support any issues seen around loading data and seeing performance issues in the application at the same time since that was the reason for having the different schemas.


              I do not believe there was much to change in order to get this to work.  Please feel free to reach out to him at kevin.calvert@pnc.com.   We have csv loads and loads directly from Buyer.  I will let him know you will be reaching out to him.  Please let me know if you do not get any response from him.



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              Charlie Ross Apprentice

              We're running one production 9r1 system exactly as you describe.  It works just like the previous release.  We started out using the as-designed 9r1 approach, but our first schema swap was so intrusive (performance wise) to the normal transactional functionality that we switched it back.


              I mentioned it to Ariba, and they seemed surprised... at some point, we'll revisit it, but it's working just fine as-is right now.  It will bubble up on the priority list eventually.