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    Contract Compliance without Contract Workbench?

    Jason Dombrowski Expert

      Ariba Community,


      We are going through an upgrade from 8.1 to 9R1. In our current 8.1 environment, we use the downstream Contract Compliance (aka - ACC) module in order to create contractual pricing agreements (aka - Contract Requests) that we can issues POs or Invoices against. We are not licensed to use the upstream contract module, Contract Workbench (aka - ACW).


      It appears that with 9R1 there is no longer a way to use the downstream Contract Compliance functionality without the upstream Contract Workbench functionality. You have to go through the steps of creating a Contract in ACW in order to get to the area where you create the Contract "Pricing" Compliance document. Has anyone else run into a similar situation? Or is there something we are over looking that would allow us to continue to use ACC without ACW? We have a ticket open with support on this but we don't have a solve yet.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.




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          Jason Dombrowski Expert

          For those who happen to be interested in my original question... We were provided a hotfix for this from Ariba Support last week. The solution was pretty simple. Not sure whether this will be considered a defect and incorporated into a future service pack, but I assume it will be.

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            karen west Novice

            is there a patch available?

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                Bhaskar Bodahanapati Journeyman

                Here is the solution that was provided to Jason, we will have this posted on connect.ariba.com as a solution.


                ContractIntegrationProperties.java looks at the Server\config\cXML\ProfileMap.xml file to see if ContractWorkbench is enabled there.  Remove that string and the link will show up.


                Here is the java (see bold):

                    protected boolean canCreateApprovable (boolean remoteOwner)


                        return !isAuthoringEnabled() || (isAuthoringEnabled() && remoteOwner);




                        return true when contract authoring - contract workbench is enabled

                        @aribaapi private


                    public static boolean isAuthoringEnabled ()


                        Profile acmProfile = null;

                        acmProfile = getACMProfile();

                        if (acmProfile == null) {


                            //"getting null ACM profile. ACW is not installed.");

                            return false;


                        Map options = acmProfile.getOptions();

                        String moduleString = (String)options.get(CapabilitiesModulesKey);

                        if (!StringUtil.nullOrEmptyOrBlankString(moduleString) &&

                                StringUtil.contains(moduleString, ContractWorkbenchKey)) {

                            Log.contract.debug("Contract workbench is enabled");

                            return true;


                        //S4 sends CustomerSite.Feautres option with "Ariba Contracts Pro"

                        //to enable ACW

                        else {

                            String featureString = (String)options.get(CustomerSiteFeaturesKey);

                            if (!StringUtil.nullOrEmptyOrBlankString(featureString) &&

                                    StringUtil.contains(featureString, AribaContractsProKey)) {

                                Log.contract.debug("Ariba Contracts Pro is enabled in S4");

                                return true;



                        return false;



                Here is the ProfileMap entry that needs removing (in bold):

                <Map businessKey="SpendManagement">

                            <Profile effectiveDate="2002-01-01T05:24:29-08:00">

                                <Option>ContractWorkbench CategoryManagement</Option>



                Bhaskar Bodahanapati