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    Ariba Knowledge Projects

    Jon Borden Apprentice

      Hello, I am trying to implement knowledge projects and I cannot seem to get information to show up in the Related Knowledge area on the left navigation pane.  I read the guides and it tells me that information will only show up if the "commodity" and "region" fields in the knowledge project match the "commodity" and "region" fields in the (sourcing) project I'm creating.  Unfortunately, when I create the knowledge project, the "commodity" field shows up but the "region" field does not.  I would like to know if 1) I can get the "region" field to show up when I create a knowledge project and 2) Since the "region" field does not show up, is this equivalent to populating the "region" field with "no value"?  (In this case, I should still be able to see the information in the Related Knowledge area based on the logic in the guides).  I am aware that keywords can also be used to trigger the appearance of related documentation, but I do not wish to use that functionality at this time.  Any help/advice you can provide is appreciated.  Thanks!


      Jon Borden