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    Seeking best practices for a pricing model for training course development

    saugustine Newbie

      We are working on an RFP with the objective of locating a supplier for educational content creation and course development. The strategic partner will need to supply an end-to-end solution and must include both instructor-led and web-based materials. I am trying to identify best practices for a pricing model to estimate these services, but am not sure whether to request pricing by the course, by the page, by deliverable, or by milestone.  In addition, I would like to find best practices for SLA's regarding content creation and course development, to discover what other companies have done to leverage spend, and to identify key metrics regarding this category.

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          Mike Bray Newbie

          Difficult question to answer withour more information, but let me start this way:


          Web-based training is generally classified into three levels of complexity (level I, II, and III), with the chief differentiator between these levels being how much interactivity is required to effectively meet the educational objectives.  Pricing varies significantly based on level.  Best practice is to estimate the level and have vendors price for an hour of training - courses can vary in length, but the number of screens created drives the length of course and level of interactivity, and cost for the vendor.


          Most organizations I know price Instructor-Led training on a per day basis.


          One other consideration is the determination of the split between web-based and instructor-led.  Blended learning is still as much art as science, but selecting a targeted number of hours of web-based learning at say Level II and a number of days of instructor-led training gets all the vendors bidding on the same general solution.


          Of course, if you need the vendor to provide a delivery Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver the web-based training, this is an entirely new topic.


          Hope this helps.