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    Where do you store your insurance certificates?

    Sybil Sheppard Master

      We are currently in discussions surrounding our insurance certificates.  One of the challenges we are facing is where to store them.  Do you store yours?  If so, do you store them on the supplier record?  ...with the contract?  somewhere else? 



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          Brandi Greene Expert

          We have begun storing them with the contracts themselves.  We set up notification tasks on them to alert the appropriate person(s) that they are nearing expiration.  We chose to go this route rather than storing them in supplier profiles due to potential storage limitations in the profile....we could have many by supplier over time.  Hope this helps!

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            Joshua Laker Apprentice

            Hi there,


            We are currently in a practise similar to Brandi.


            When we set up a Contract Workspace, we use a set of structured questions to determine which Certificates must be obtained as part of the Supplier's contractual obligations.

            These questions then set up a recurring phase (yearly in our case) in which tasks are created as 'reminders' to our internal users.

            **Note: In our planned development we will be looking at methods to issue these tasks directly to Suppliers.

            Once obtained, we store them in a folder on the Documents tab labelled 'Contract Compliance' that sits side by side with a digital copy of our contract.


            Good luck

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              Sarah Gilsdorf Apprentice

              Currently, we store certificates for new contracts in the contract workspace with a review task capturing the manual review.  Contracts mailed or faxed are automatically scanned into a corporate scanning technology site.


              This will change shortly when we migrate to a new safety and compliance vendor ISNetworld who will house insurance certificates as well as safety reviews.  We will push automation of the insurance certs.  Our vision is that this site's reviews will feed into the supplier profile as it is our understanding that Ariba and Documentum are well able to talk to each other.

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