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    Newbie needs help: 2 suppliers merge, neither has received PO

    Holly McGuire Apprentice

      Hi--I'm new to all this, hoping these aren't dumb questions:


      * A supplier I have used for years (and who just signed up with Ariba) merged with another local company and now exists under a new name. Tragically, I already sent a PO to the old name, but they haven't received yet.


      When I tried to make a change in my PO requisition in Ariba, changing the supplier wasn't an option--even through I'm just changing the name. Supposedly, the new version of the company has an Ariba account.


      Is it up to the supplier to make their change in Ariba--being sure the old name is subsumed into the new name?


      I'm just learning Ariba stuff now--maybe the question goes to my own Procur 2 Pay system vs Ariba. But thought I'd ask.


      Many thanks!