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    Help - Redlining issues in Contract Mangement

    Wendy Nicoson Novice

      We use the clause library in the contract management module.  Are others having issues with redlining?  If so, how did you resolve these issues.  I have provided examples of specific issues below:

      • Within our Services Agmt contract, Article 1 – Definitions is showing up 4 times when it should only be appearing once.  We recently removed the “Order” condition from this clause (previously there were 4 clauses) and simplified it to only one clause.  It appears that the outline view and the MS Word view aren’t synched up.
      • Within this document, if you click on the version history tab, it’s showing that 80 changes have been made to the document when only 2 or 3 changes have been made. 
      • Within one Article It’s appearing that a portion of the clause was deleted that the supplier did not touch.  Also, within this clause, we are questioning why both edits are showing up as Agent and not Supplier edits (when you hover over the edits).  Ariba explained that this is MS Word review functionality – when they “move to next”, Word recognizes that edit as the person who chose to move to the next edit.  We disagree and understand that this is not, in fact, the way MS Word functions. 
      • Our legal Dispute Resolution clause was changed by the Supplier.  Our Agent reviewed the document with changes, and kept the red-lined clause and moved to next.  The version history tab is showing that there were no changes and therefore, the legal approval task isn’t synched.  The system isn’t recognizing this as a “change”, because it’s still recognizing the clause as unedited.

      We need advice since these issues have been lingering for months.




      Wendy Nicoson