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    Auction with Auditing Firms on Year End Audit

    Florian Boehme Expert

      Dear Sourcing-Experts,


      we are currently hoping to convince internally to use an auction for Auditing Firms.

      As you all know, how difficult it sometimes is ...
      ... I would be pleased to get some additional arguments from the Sourcing Community - have you done this already?


      Please share any additional experiences on
      + event set-up, lotting, auction type
      + lessons learned and price reduction (are you repeating this every year?)
      + components price/non-price that were out to bid on by suppliers
        (potentially including some non-price Service Level Agreement or Contractual Elements, which might be done in a prior    negotiation round)?
      + How many suppliers have been invited and/or participated?
      + Was there reluctance to participate from supplier side?
      + Did you award based auction according to strict rule-set?
      + Spend in this category, branch and countries involved would certainly be appreciated as well.


      This will certainly be of great interest for the whole Sourcing Community.


      ==== Our Contract Profile for this Service ====
      Service deliverable is Annual Statement of Accounts for Coporate Group and all legal entities according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Group consists of around 20 legal entities. Our historical spend for this service is around € 5,5 Mn.

      Our discussion is not yet fully favoring a competitive bid event.
      However currently only face-face negotiation is planned with too few of the widely-known names, that is not aligned and supporting the goals of procurement.


      Looking forward to your responses,
      great sourcing,