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    Procure-to-Pay Historical Remittance

    Asif Bhanwadia Apprentice

      We have recently experienced a remittance import issue within our Procure-to-Pay system where a partial amount of data is being imported only. Now that we are working to get this resolved we would like to import historical remittance data so that we may report on invoices that have been "Paid". Has anyone experienced a similar situation? We are wondering how the Ariba system would react if an invoice has been Paid but we reload the same data anyways. Would the load completely fail or will it just perform updates to these old invoices?


      Thanks in advance.

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          lpoudoulec Expert

          Hi Asif


          Unfortunately, it is not possible in P2P to reload (Load option) the remittance files for Invoices that have already been paid. Your load will failed giving you an error saying something like: Remittance cannot be reloaded for an invoice that's already processed.


          If you have the Remittance files that were already loaded for that invoice, you could probably try reloading the corrected files using the "Update only" option. Not sure what that would do. If you do not change mandatory information (such as reference Invoice ID...) it would probably update the existing record - but I cannot say that for sure, you'd have to try on your test realm first I guess.