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    Electronic Signature integration

    David Heller Expert

      I'm looking to speak to any one that has integrated or investigated integrating eSignature capabilities other than Docusign into their contract solution. The Docusign/Ariba intergration looks good, but want to see what other options may be available. 

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          Aaron Sachs Newbie

          Hi, You can go for the Electronic Signature software from RightSignature.com. Their service and product features look very promising.

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            Gerald Cäsar Newbie

            With www.xyzmo.com it is very easy to enhance any existing infrastructure with all functionalities for a totally paperless process. The xyzmo e-signature suite of solutions supports multiple methods of e-signing including signature pads, payment terminals, smartphones, tablets, digital certificates and 'click-to-sign'. Available as digital signature enterprise platform (server based) or as desktop application. We'd love to hear from you!

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              Mike Borozdin Newbie

              Hi David!  You are welcome to look around but I just wanted to let you know that DocuSign is the only company that has put emphasis on supporting our integrators.  We have a vibrant developer forum (community.docusign.com), we give you a free development sandbox with no questions asked, we have an SDK with 5 different languages (Java, C#, Ruby, PHP and ApexCode), the most feature rich set of web services and a team of technical evangelists.


              I am curious what you find as you are looking around, but for a full picture compare what you find with the options you have on www.docusign.com/devcenter




              PS: for full disclosure I run the DevCenter and the technical evangelim team at DocuSign.  Let me know how I can help you out.

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                  dreid Journeyman

                  Full Disclosure - I am the PM of Contract Management at Ariba. 


                  We currently have an out of the box integration built with DocuSign (as noted).  In On Demand (Basic, Pro), that is currently the only choice.  Ariba went through a rigorous selection in choosing DocuSign as a partner, and we encourage you to investigate the joint solution we offer.  We'd be very interested in hearing any reasons why DocuSign isn't workable, or why you are looking for other choices.  Please let us know!  We haven't invested in supporting multiple signature providers for various reasons (among them the strength of DocuSign as a partner!), but please post up your reasons for "shopping."


                  Note also that given the architecture of Ariba's On Demand offering, it would be a challenge (to say the least... more likely impossible) to integrat with a vendor we don't explicitly support.