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    Who is using the Clause Library in Contract Management?

    Holly Wukasch Apprentice

      My company is using the clause library in the Contract Management module and trying to maintain functionality of it with our process.  Please advise if you are also using the functionality of the clause library.

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          acinil Expert

          we are using it to a very limited extent in that we have a few alternate clauses stored for  use. We also use it to store templates for additional contract documents, such as project schedules, travel expense regulations etc.


          IMHO, the use of clause library is conditioned upon quality of content, company policy around use of company standard contract forms (how flexible is your company and does it have the right tools to support a clause library), user computer skills (to be able to manage alternate language within a bookmarked document without messing it all up) and administrator's ability to bookmark contract forms appropriately.

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              Neil Campbell Expert

              We are just about to run a pilot on the usage of the Clause Library.  We have spent quite a considerable time stucturing our main agreements and schedules within one particular commodity and should initiate the pilot in the next few weeks.  Dependant upon the success of this we will decide how to move forward.  I agree that the usefulness of this is quite dependant on maintaining the data and also on user proficiency, perhaps more so in this module than any other that I have seen in ARIBA.


              One of the key things we are trying to solution is way to be able to identify Specific Clauses by Contract ie/ see at a glance (probably in a matrix type view) which contracts contain which clauses.


              Over time we feel the Clause Library in ARIBA will help us do that for new contracts.  I am less sure about how to tackle all our existing contracts.  I would like to do this within ARIBA as well and have considered using surveys or even task reporting from with the ACW template.  Has anyone tried to do anything similar using ARIBA?

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              Jay Merenda Journeyman

              We are not using it.  We are implementing contract authoring this year but in a "light" fashion.   We are just directin users to the right word template based on category of spend and using the tool for workflow to legal and interaction with the supplier.   From our experience even this creates a lot of behind the scenes support to maintain the configuration for each category.   Use of the clause library is extremely complex to maintain and sustain over time.  I would not reccomend this approach and I do not think there are many examples of rolling this out beyond a couple categories/user groups.


              Happy for you to reach out if you want to discuss our approach.

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                  Neil Campbell Expert

                  I know exactly what you mean Jay.  On reflection, our pilot activity is mainly focusing on the Authoring aspect of the tool and we have customised our main agreements to fit the MS Word templates.  As far as I know though once we start working on the document we can still identify changes to the template which will allow us to identify which clauses have been changed or which remain as template content.  We are also initiating the workflow activity with our Legal team and Suppliers.


                  Thanks for the offer and it would be interesting to compare notes with you once we've run this pilot activity, I'll update this thread next month when we've done just that.  Over time we do want to use the Clause Library function but I also have concerns about the amount of maintenance required to keep it current.  Perhaps someone from ARIBA can advise on any good examples of a customer who has fully implemented this module?

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                  anupam Newbie

                  Hey Team,

                  We are planning to develop the clause library. May you please share with me the format which you may be using in your organisation@ anupam.sharan@sutherlandglobal.com

                  thanks in advance