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    Formatting RFx Content

    Cindy Gooch Apprentice

      I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on a formatting issue we continue to have with Ariba Sourcing. During the RFx creation process, we use a number of different documents to copy data into Ariba; Sourcing Library Content, previous RFx in word and/or Ariba, email, etc.  The biggest complaint my users have today is the inability to set up an overall format for the RFx content.  When we copy and paste from word/email/etc the sourcing tool does not seem to recognize the style/font and will often display it in a totally different font than we see in the original document.  To fix this, we've resorted to using the Eraser to remove all formatting, but this is extremely cumbersome with events that have even a moderate number of requirements and questions.


      We've also tried to use the import/export feature, but are so far stumped at how this can help us.


      Ultimately, we'd like be able to set a standard style/font format for the entire RFx.  For example:


      Sections - Tahoma 14 Bold

      Sub-Sections - Tahoma 12 - Bold

      Requirements - Tahoma 12 - not bold


      I've submitted this as an enhancement request, but in the mean time, I'd like to see if anyone developed has workarounds to creating an RFP with standard formatting throughout the document.



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          David Morel Master



          Unfortunately, we don't have the ability for default formatting for Sections, sub-sections and requirements.  But you do have control over the formatting as you are aware.


          Importing or event copy/pasting from Microsoft Word can be challenging.  It is notorious for copying over formatting values that have confusing impacts.  You might try WordPad as the interim step if you want to do the formatting outside of the solution and then paste it in.  See if that works any better for you.


          If you want a quicker way to remove all formatting from the content in bulk, try exporting to Excel, and replacing the values for the Description and the Name with the columns that have the suffix (without html).  Then re-import the excel sheet and select the "replace" option.

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            Andrew Gill Master

            Hi Cindy


            At Reed Elsevier, we're working around this by our stakeholders and Category Teams working in MS Excel.


            The process is


            • Project team agree topics and questions for their RFx
            • Project team write these in the Reed Elsevier eSourcing Template (screen shot attached)
            • Project team submit final version of eSourcing Template to eSourcing Lead
            • eSourcing lead uploads into Ariba using Ariba's built in Excel import (typically less than an hour)template.jpg


            Crazy, as it may seem it's really working for us as the Excel format is in an almost Ariba ready format and stakeholders are now concerned with content rather than the formatting


            If you'd like to know more, please get in touch






            Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier