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    SPM Supplier Scorecards - client facing scorecard?

    Brandi Greene Expert

      I'm curious if any other SPM users have suggestions on ways to quickly create a presentation-ready client facing scorecard?   I find myself wishing there were a good, quick report with graphics that could be prepared that was presentation-ready.   We often work with the pivot table reports and create our own, but it's time consuming.  Interested to hear what others are doing.  Thanks!

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          yasir.ahmad@reedelsevier.com Journeyman

          Yes, that would be very helpful. Moreover, I would like to see an ability for us users to select specific respondents from the list of participants and generate a scorecard based on those selected individuals. So for example, if we have 5 people who responded, currently ariba generates an overall score based on responses from all 5 participants. what if, I only want person A and person C's responses to be counted towards the scorecard. I should have the ability to do that.


          Moreover, it would be nice to select only certain sections/questions that we want counted towards the final scorecard. Of course Ariba would dynamically re-distribute or re-arrange the scoring among other questions and sections to keep the total possible score consistent and comparable.