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    Capital Projects

    Brian Levow Master

      Does anyone currently use any Ariba tool to manage capital projects?  I am trying to develop a process specifically for Real Estate and Facilities that will:

      • enable a user to document a requested budget amount, by asset type
      • track whether the capital project was previously budgeted or unbudgeted
      • route for approval
      • create purchase orders based on previous approved funds from capital project
      • track all capital projects by having visibility into all orders and invoices relative to the project


      These statements are at a relatively high level.  For those of you familiar with a capital projects process, you will realize that there are a lot more nuances to the process than what I have listed here which must also be taken into account.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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          Jimmy Hakkim Journeyman

          Brian - Were you able to implement capital projects?  I'm at a customer that is not sure what they want to do with capital projects within P2P, so I'm trolling for information...


          Some of what you asked sounds like it could be solved for with the use of eForms, and once a budget is established and loaded into P2P, you could then tag all line items to that project code so that the accounting is defaulting appropriately.  Part of the nuances of managing capital projects can also be tracked/managed using contracts, so all those processes would need to be understood.

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              Brian Levow Master

              We did go down the eForm path.  I was hoping that there was something already in existance that we could leverage to manage capital projects instead of having to build something completely custom from the ground up, but that's the way we went.  And you are correct in that we are using the eForm in conjunction with the budget check feature.  This process isn't bad, but there are gaps, especially around reporting.

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                  Alice Hillary Journeyman

                  Hi Brian,


                  I'm heading down this route now with the e-form.  What are some of the gaps you have?  Any lessons learned to share? How are you using it with Budget Check?  Are you able to tie the e-form to your catalogs allowing preparers to choose capital items available for procurement?