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    Ability to turn off the "attachment" on the message board -9r1

    Clotilde Solimeo Newbie

      Do you know if is there a way to turn off the "attachment" ability on the message board for suppliers posting their questions ?

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          David Morel Master

          I am doing some research to confirm ,but I don't think so.  I am interested in learning why would you want to restrict that?

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              Patrick Lewis Journeyman

              David, I wouldn't want attachments turned off, but there is certainly an attraction to having that option available: To mitigate the risks associated with malicious software, turning off all attachments is one solution. Another possibility is to allow by-file-type permissions (for example, allow *.txt, *.pdf, *.bmp, and restrict all other file types).


              Antivirus software can protect against generic / global attacks, but will not prevent against targeted attacks - for example, where the attacker uses a specialized code in an *.exe, *.zip, or embedded macro file to introduce a specialized attack program that is not recognized by antivirus software as malicious. Training and education can help minimize these risks. However, if the business has not identified sufficient benefit in allowing attachments, why not just turn attachments off (assuming they can be) in order to mitigate these risks?

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                Madison Goodwin Apprentice

                Hi David, we've had some situations where suppliers are attaching their responses in the message board instead of submitting them properly through the tool.  Even something simple like the suppliers writing all their questions into a Word document and then attaching that creates issues for us, particularly when we deal with large supply bases.  We often run events that have in excess of 50 suppliers, and we simply receive too many attachments in the message board.  Suppliers are abusing this feature.  For small supply bases it works well and is useful, but we would like the option to turn it off.