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    Help on INeg/Internet Bidding

    Parthiban Vijayaraghavan Newbie


      Anyone can share with me the best process on using INEG or Internet Bidding for the supplier who has to quote for over 4000 Construction items, does it make sense to put all 4000+ items on INEG and supplier to competitively bid among each other to derive at lowest cost, this could be a administrative nightmare, is there any other way. thanks in advance.

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          Andrew Gill Master

          Hi Parthibhan


          What's the possibility to group, or lot the items together to make the process more manageable for you and the supplier? This typically works well if you can ask suppliers to price and bid in the same way you'd award i.e. you'd award the best value for each lot, rather than 'cherry pick' each individual item's best price.


          Although a much smaller example, you'll see in the image, that during the event, suppliers just concentrated on the headline price, yet after, they were asked to complete the item level detail.


          In SourcingPro live events, I try not to have suppliers bidding on more than 8-12 items, or in this case lots.  The reason is the limitation of the screen and the need to scroll up and down to track activity.


          If it is possible to group all items, then you could look at suppliers bidding by the lot during an event, and then using Ariba's reconcile function to provide item level pricing after the event.  You may also look at using the offline Excel bidding function


          Good luck




          Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier