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    Market data/benchmarking on eAuctions

    mphonasa Journeyman

      Does any have or know where to find market data or benchmarking information on the useage of eAuctions in Sourcing communities. I am trying to promote the use of eAuctions in my group.


      Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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          Beverly Dunn Master

          Hi Mphonasa,


          I am a Customer Success Manager for Ariba.  I saw your question and believe I can recommend a solution for what you are looking for.  We have a page on Exchange dedicated for Customers Only called the Customer Success Group,  We have a number of programs available just for customers, like our Customer Success Lunch 'n Learns.  We recently did a Lunch ' n Learn on Auction Strategy that I think you will find helpful.  The great thing about our interactive webinars is that we also record them for replay and upload any presentations for sharing among your end user community.


          I would like to invite you to join our group and visit the Lunch 'n Learn replay section where you will find a link for Reducing Prices RFP Prices Using Dynamic Online RFQ's.  Also look in our DOCUMENTSsection  where you will find a copy of the presentation for you to download.  While you are in our page, be sure to sign up for our upcoming webinars, download past issues of the Ariba Knowledge Nuggets or leave a comment for us.


          Please let me know if this is what you were looking for.....good luck.


          Beverly Dunn

          Manager, Customer Success & Renewals

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            Dustin Neild Expert

            Hi Mphonasa,


            This is of particular intrest to us as well and in working with the Ariba teams they've been ok at trying to find this sort of benchmarking within their customers but this inherently weak for a few reasons: 1) they only have insight into Ariba customers and 2) cutomers don't always share their internal metrics.  They (Ariba's customer success group) were able to set up some round table calls with us and some other customers to discuss metrics earlier this year.  It became clear that every customer is different as far as strategy for driving to auction, whether use of Ariba is manadated or optional, etc.  Even divisions within companies often have different usage guidelines.  I found most companies either don't measure formally or use high level stats (spend throughput, number of categories sourced etc.).  Few (or no) companies included auction statistics in their goals/annual objectives and were simply more focused on overall savings.


            Check out http://www.casme.com/f_roundtable - this industry group is holding a roundtable specifically on eSourcing metrics in Philadelphia next month, which I will be attending.  If you reach out to me directly I will be happy to share what we learn.  But it should be interesting in that at least it will engage Ariba customers as well as those of other providers for a broader view.