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    Help: Pcard Data Inclusion within Spend Vis - Mastercard & Visa Standards

    Gavin Pratt Journeyman

      Question Summary:  Hoping to leverage work with other customers in mapping Pcard industry standard formats (Mastercard [CDF2] and Visa [VCF4]) into the Ariba format for inclusion in Spend Vis. We can't be the first to do so, and understanding how other customers have connected this data can save us great pains/effort/time in our implementation.


      More Detail:We are looking to enhance our implementation of Spend Vis by substituting large low volume payments to our Pcard administrating bank, with high volume detailed transactions that we can obtain from Mastercard & Visa programs.  Industry standards exist for receiving Pcard data (Mastercard [CDF2] and Visa [VCF4]).  We can get the extracts from the credit card companies, but understanding the complexity of these files is daunting to someone looking at them the first time.  We are looking at plucking the basic high level data.  There are various levels of detail, and the file format is complicated as indicated by a 85 pg guide for Mastercard, and 245pg guide for Visa.


      I would really love to connect with other customers who may have gone through this process already.  I believe that given that the credit card data is an industry standard which we are not modifying, and all customers are utilizing the Ariba schema tables for data loaded into Spend Vis, that I shouldn't need to start with a blank page to incorporate this data.


      Any help, thoughts, or comments are much appreciated.  I see way too many views on posts here without replies.  I'll take anything at this point!  Even a "me too!".  Also will be at Ariba Live in Nashville and if anyone is interested in discussing inclusion of external data such as Pcard, PO info, and/or diversity via third party - let me know.