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    What supplier/vendor provided information do you modify?

    jreeves Master

      Solutions Management is starting to build out requirements for centralizing the collection of supplier information.  Questions for buyers arise as Ariba looks to centralize the collection of supplier information in the Ariba Cloud.  One question we need to answer is, "Do you (as a buying organization) need to override information provided by suppliers in your own private databases?  If so, what types of information?"


      Here is the long winded way to ask the question:  If suppliers are providing a common set of information in a central location for many companies to use, then why would a buyer need to change that common information in their own private databases?  For example, why would you need to change the name of the Supplier/Vendor?  If it is IBM, do you really need your system to say "I.B.M."?


      Another example, a supplier company indicates they can supply Electronic Components in the Ariba Cloud.  Is there ever a case where you want your system of record to show that they don't supply Electronic Components?  Maybe they can't supply Electronic Components in the region you operate in and so you want your database to show they don't supply Electronic Components.


      What this ultimately decides is whether you have 2 pieces of information for a particular supplier on a particular field - the one provided by the supplier/vendor and the one provided internally.


      Let us know your feedback as this will influence how we design the system.