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    Has any one had problems with supplier name changes?

    John Kindel Novice

      we are having issues when suppliers change their name cannot just change name in Ariba we loose all the information that was created for the old name has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you handle it

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          Russ Stebbins Master

          I am not sure why you can not change the name which is a text field.  We track vendors by the Unique ID which won't change.

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              Sharon Horton, PMP Master

              I suspect that John's concerns have to do with searching for previous names and AKAs as well as tracking for legal purposes.  There are several issues here, I think.


              First, when the supplier changes their name, like Sprint to Embarg to CenturyLink, the standard user would not know to look under the new name.  The historic name would no longer be available or searchable.  In my example, there's absolutely no relationship in the 3 names.  The second problem has to do with the legal documentation of the name change - i.e. any associated correspondence, perhaps some effective dates, name changes on contracts (i.e. how do you track the original contracting party?).


              How this is resolved will depend partly on what modules are implemented.  Regardless of your modules, you can track some things on the SPQ.  If you have Supplier Information Management, you can track documents and use d-forms to collect information.


              Here are some suggestions:


              1. In Contracts, you can add a custom field called Original Party.  Fill this field in when you create the contract by copying the supplier (or customer) name into the field.  This should not be editable in any Amendment Type.


              2.  When a supplier changes names, create a child supplier (customer) record with the old information but include in the supplier name FKA (formerly known as) either as a prefix or suffix (but be consistent!).  Now when someone searches for the supplier, they'll find it and know to use the new parent.  After some number of months or a year, if you don't want to see the FKA name, disable the child supplier and it will be as if it never existed.  However, if you keep the record active, you will see the entire history of the supplier as a corporate entity with mergers, acquisitions and name changes.  You can use this same technique for Also Known As.


              3.  If you have Supplier Information Management, you can store the legal notification document.  If you want to record more information you can also create a d-form for each name change.

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              John Kindel Novice

              I think I need to clarify what I am looking for we use a ERP system for payments invoicing is done in Ariba but then a push is done to our ERP system for payments the issue I am having is when suppliers change their name and we have to create a new id in our ERP system we cannot make the Change in Ariba because you cannot have two ERP ids tied to an Ariba AN id we are currently on 9r1 CD version how are you handling changes for this situation

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                  Jennifer Roberts Apprentice



                  Have you looked into use the Supplier Private ID feature?  We're using it when we have duplicate suppliers (for a variety of reasons) and instead of using the Ariba Network ID on the supplier location in 9r1, we use the Supplier Location Private ID to transmit to the ASN.  Then on the ASN record for that supplier, we edit it and put in all the various private ids to map them to just that one ANID. 


                  Since we're using it for duplicate suppliers, I wouldn't be surprised if you can't get it to work for your name change situation.  I know it's working on purchase order delivery - I don't know if it works for invoicing.