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    Original Expiration Date Field in Reports

    Oliver Aguilar Newbie

      I'm trying create one report that includes the original expiration date and the expiration date that appears into the attributes of my contract workspaces of procurement, but when I tryed with prepacked reports and analytic reports I only found the expiration date field option. Someone used the original expiration date in reports? I appreciate any suggestion, thanks!

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          jreeves Master

          Hi - If I understand correctly, you just want to report on the original expiration date?  I believe Sharon Horton has filed this ER 1-BBY0MN on your behalf to track the issue.  The workaround available to you are:  Create a custom reportable field then assign it an expression to pull value from the existing Original Expiration Date field. You can initially make it visible in the Details section so that you could see if its working and then later on remove it since it will only be used for report.


          There are a couple of downsides: 1) Existing contracts have to be remediated manually 2) this uses up a customer field for data that already exists in the system